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Is Sweden Still Safe ? Do not visit Sweden Before Reading This

Relative to what?

I couldn’t even go home from my post office to my home without having the package containing my new phone stolen. It’s like 200 meters.
Also, everything in my cellar storage unit is gone.

I don’t go out much but while I was biking to the gym this summer this guy with a textile bag went up onto his bag a short distance from a bunch of youths and I asked him what had happened and they said they had stopped him to look through his items, possibly for drugs and he wasn’t sure whatever he have had his phone with him or not. He wasn’t interested in going back and confront them or call the police.

When I borrowed my mom’s car the tires were shredded, multiple cars on this parking lot have been set on fire, once what was likely a guy drow multiple times into a concrete pillar on the parking lot wrecking the car, and then likely the same man told some woman something about in the night and ax. I don’t know if she had been in the car with him. The centrum building has been set on fire and they have tried to set the youth center and the primary care unit on fire too.

One guy had his hand chopped off my sword, there’s been the occasional murder, rape, and drugging of young women as I know about. Like two years ago there were these black spots in the grass beside the walking path around the forest.

Elders are robbed and murdered, houses and stores have blown up, youths getting shot.

I definitely don’t feel safe here and it’s a shitty place to live in but what are we comparing to?

There’s plenty of young immigrants and imported criminals in general who causes trouble in Sweden, people from both camp as far as robberies go likely because they are poor but when it comes to rapes and much more likely because they either don’t know how to act among women in society,

Because they have been taught the women shouldn’t be in it or they view them as ok prey because they are out in societies or non-Muslims or whatever. Young people without cause for asylum may steal to be able to survive here and provide for their family and they likely know they can get away with it or that the punishment will be very low because they are so young.

Health-care is likely a bit less safe since more people cost more money and tax income from the immigrants isn’t as high plus among the Swedes, the older group is larger than before and the elder typically needs more care so you end up with a bit worse health care.

For 99% of the population, Sweden’s safety regarding personal safety, social security, environmental cleanliness, food hygiene, traffic safety, political and police integrity, and access to medical assistance are excellent. To me, all that comes under the umbrella of “safety”.

I often work in Stockholm and Gothenburg, the two largest cities, and have no issues walking and taking photographs of nightlife there at hours of the night where I would not feel comfortable being out and about in places in the UK or the US, where I would risk being accosted and possibly challenged or relieved of my equipment.

Updated: April 16, 2021 — 3:19 pm

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