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The Easy Life

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I’m nailing 12–13 hour workdays these days and getting the maximum done without burning out. Here are some of the things I’m following—

  • I start working very early in the morning. Usually, 4–4:30 am.
    • So by the time people wake up I’ve already completed a lot of things.
  • I have a biphasic sleep schedule (3.5hours in the night, 2.5hours during the day) so I get more productive hours every day.
  • Watching series and movies are also work for me (perks of writing for web-series) So when I’m running out of ideas, I take a short 15–20 min. breaks in which I watch one of the many series I’m watching currently, depending on the genre I’m writing on.
  • I don’t waste time— even when I’m at the barber’s or out shopping. I’m constantly working on the stories for the episodes I’m writing at that point in my mind.
  • I take super-long drives when I’m feeling worked up, usually in the evening to watch the sunset from a deserted road with a nice view. I play my fav songs, sing to them loudly while I drive. It helps me relax.
  • Whenever I’m feeling stuck in a rut or out of ideas, I take a bath (usually 3–4 times a day), change my clothes, and then sit down to write, feeling all fresh and in the right frame of mind.

And this— the planner.

This is my savior. I write the tasks for the day and create a rough schedule and time slots for them.

People make schedules all the time. But what has been helpful for me is targeting 80% completion at the least, keeping it flexible, and going through it, again and again, to keep on reminding myself of all the things I still need to do.

Works like a charm 🙂

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Updated: December 11, 2020 — 10:04 am

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