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Can a person be religious yet spiritual?`

Religion traps you. Spiritualism liberates you. Religion is full of rules and laws. Spiritualism is full of freedom and LOVE! A person can either be RELIGIOUS or SPIRITUAL – a spiritual person is not religious and a religious person is not spiritual. KABIR was a spiritual being – Jesus was a spiritual being – Buddha was a spiritual being. Religion was formed later on their NAME – they never established any religion – they simply shared the TRUTH – that can help people progress in their life – all the great saints, masters and human beings – in the whole history of mankind – were purely SPIRITUAL by heart and not religious.

Whenever anybody would come to seek Sai Baba’s blessings – Baba often used to answer with a hidden message! If the person was Hindu – Baba would say “Allah Malik – Allah blesses you.” AND if the person is a Muslim – Baba would say “ Krishna bless you.” – This was specifically done so that people understand that all religions are ONE – and GOD HAS NO RELIGION!

Mahatama Gandhi always used to say that GOD HAS NO RELIGION. Mahatma Gandhi was a spiritual person and not a religious person.

Religion need not be dropped – religion simply has to become a WAY OF LIFE that ACCOMMODATES & VALUES HUMANITY ABOVE ALL – then RELIGION CAN BECOME A BRIDGE THAT CAN HELP YOU TO REACH GOD. But that is NOT WHAT HAPPENS IN REALITY! RELIGION instead of becoming a BRIDGE – becomes the greatest BLOCKAGE to your REAL GROWTH – your SPIRITUAL GROWTH!

Once it happened – a great Saint and his name were Saint Eknath – he had carried the water of Holy Ganges all the way from Varanasi to his hometown – Paithan (Maharashtra). And during those days – long journeys were very tiresome and would happen only once in a life. And so Saint Eknath was about to reach his home with the bottle filled with the holy water of Ganges – when he came across a thirsty crow!

And guess what – Saint Eknath quickly stepped ahead and gave the holy Ganges water to a CROW! Now imagine – who can do such a beautiful random act of kindness? ONLY A SPIRITUAL MAN – only a Saint! A religious man would have found it very difficult to offer such holy water of Ganges to a crow! He would have simply walked away – letting the crowd of thirst! But someone as beautiful as Saint Eknath offered the holy water to a crow – saved his life and then whatever water was left – he returned with it – back home!

FEELINGS. COMPASSION. And more overthrowing all your knowledge is possible only for a SPIRITUAL PERSON – because only such a person can UNDERSTAND LOVE, can UNDERSTAND FEELINGS.

Saint Eknath understood the sensitivity of the situation – the thirsty crow was dying – and so Saint Eknath DID NOT BRING KNOWLEDGE IN BETWEEN – any RULES OF RELIGIONS in between – HE SIMPLY OFFERED the holy water to the crow and saved his life! And the crow flew away happily – in his own way blessing the pious man who saved his life!
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